COVID-19 and Pets First

Pandemic Service Changes


So you've got some questions about how we are operating during the pandemic? On March 18, 2020, we elected to close the lobby of the clinic to clients to help minimize the transmission of COVID-19. This was done to help keep both our clients and our staff safe. If even one of us gets sick we would need to quarantine the entire clinic. So we are doing are best to make sure that we can continue to be available to you and your pet. But, what does that mean for our services?

Well, we are operating curbside and drop-off appointments for the foreseeable future.



What is Curbside-Service?


Curbside-Service will be utilized for all medication and food refill pickups. Please give us a call when you are outside, our Veterinary Care Coordinators will invoice you for payment of the product over the phone, and we will bring your receipt, medication, and/or food out to you.



What is a Drop-Off Appointment? How does this work?


If your pet needs to be seen for medical services you will call the clinic as normal to schedule the appointment. Our Veterinary Care Coordinators will coordinate a time that works best for your schedule and ours to bring your patient over. When you arrive for the appointment, we’ll ask you to wait outside and call us to let us know that you’ve arrived. Our Veterinary Care Coordinators will then ask you to keep your phone nearby so that a technician can call you to get a more detailed history of why your pet is coming in for the appointment. Once the technician talks with you to get this history, they will then come to meet you outside and take your pet from you for their appointment. The veterinarian will perform a complete physical examination and then, call you with their findings and recommendations. At the conclusion of the appointment, you will either be transferred up to the Veterinary Care Coordinators or if the technician and doctor are still working on things, the Care Coordinators will call you one more time for payment for the appointment. You may then return to pick up your pet, calling us from outside and we will bring them, your receipt, and any medications outside to you.


If you are sick, feeling under the weather, or have been near someone or recently diagnosed with COVID-19 yourself, please let our Veterinary Care Coordinators know PRIOR TO ANY APPOINTMENT. We can make alternative arrangements to address your pet’s medical needs in these situations.



Why are we doing this?


We love our clients, our patients, and the Lakeview community. During this pandemic, we want to be there for your pet’s wellbeing but this can only happen if our staff remains healthy! We are a small staff and work very closely together, if one of us gets sick we will have no choice but to quarantine the clinic.


Please remember, these are temporary changes to protect us all. We know these may lengthen service and wait times, and we appreciate your patience, cooperation, and understanding. We also will appreciate your patience in returning phone calls and emails during this increased time of communication between us and all of our clients. We know your time is valuable and will do our best to be as expedient as possible without sacrificing the quality of care you’ve come to expect from us at Pets First. 


We greatly appreciate you entrusting us with the care of your pet.