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Pet of the Month - Kenzi the Oriental Shorthair

We wanted to introduce you to some of our fabulous clients so we decided to start a new feature called PET OF THE MONTH!

This week we interviewed Kenzi, a 5 year old female Oriental Shorthair, that we are always excited to see at Pets First.

Pets First: What snack are you most likely to eat?

Kenzi: What do you have? If there is food around, I would very much like to eat it. I like whatever I’m currently eating the most, but sometimes I think about all the things there are too eat. I’m an absolute fiend for anything dairy and will utterly loose my mind around cheese or butter or milk. I do also like salty and meaty things and go crazy when I get a treat like prosciutto or lox or caviar.

I love prosciutto - but hey you weren’t planning on eating all that mac and cheese yourself were you? I can help with that.

Pets First: What is the most exciting activity you just LOVE to do?

Kenzi: I like to subvert the expectation that all cats are graceful whenever possible, and clumsily climb up into high places. I do this because I live with a Bengal and a Burmese that are super athletic and play up all those cat stereotypes. Why should they have all the fun?

Pets First: Who or what is the thing that annoys you the most?

Kenzi: Also unlike most cats, I don’t think I got that gene. Its almost impossible to annoy me. I really do like to go with the flow - except when dinner is concerned - or lunch, or breakfast, or snack time.

Pets First: Do you like visiting the doctors and staff at Pets First?

Kenzi: I get excited to see all the people there. They all treat me properly, like a rockstar. Its worth having to go to the vet just for the attention that I get, and everyone there gives me tons of attention from the minute I ride in door in my spaceship backpack. I like that.

Pets First: Is there anything else that you would like to add in order to give us some insight into?

Kenzi: My home is filled with a lot of Egyptian artwork and even though my Burmese brother, Kafka, looks almost exactly like those Bast statues, we all know who the real feline god is (hint: its me) its good to be properly admired.

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