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MARCH: Pets of the Month Chloe and Bernie

We managed to catch up Chloe and Bernie for a quick Q & A for this month's Pet of the Month feature. We love seeing them when they visit the clinic so we thought it would be interesting to get more insight into their busy lives.


Pets First: What snack are you most likely to eat?

Chloe & Bernie: Chloe eats all snacks (especially Bernie’s), but Bernie likes anything with chicken in it.

Pets First: What is the most exciting activity you just LOVE to do?

Chloe & Bernie: We love going for walks and playing in the park.

Pets First: Who or what is the thing that annoys you the most?

Chloe & Bernie: The cats are pretty annoying, but any dog who dares to walk past our home is more than we can take!


Pets First: Do you like visiting the doctors and staff at Pets First?

Chloe & Bernie: We love visiting Pets First, and especially love Dr. C. We are always happy to return.

Pets First: Is there anything else that you would like to add in order to give us some insight into you?

Chloe & Bernie: We know how to count, and we always make sure that the other one of us—or those cats—does not get more treats!

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