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Winterizing Pets..Essential Things You Need to Know to Help Your Pet through the Winter.

Salt & Ice on your Pets Feet

I think most of us know that salt and ice can be irritating to your dog's feet but how do we solve the problem?

Booties are a great way to help keep your dogs feet safe in the Winter but not all dogs enjoy wearing them so Musher's Wax is a great alternative. The wax coats the paw pads and acts as a buffer between the salt and cold which will help to minimize the irritation and limping during winter walks.

Some dogs need a heavier coat! Some dogs like huskies and malamutes are already rocking their winter coats, but other breeds may need a bit of help to keep warm. Fleece-lined sweaters and jackets are a great way to make sure your pup isn't too chilly as the weather drops.

Humidify to Help with Dry Itchy Skin The dry winter air can cause your pet's skin to become dry and itchy, and you may notice an increase in dandruff. Adding humidifiers to your home will do wonders... and minimize the chance of static shock. You can also consider adding some Omega 3 fatty acids to their diets. We personally like Nordic Naturals for Pets.

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